Recent system enhancements

Below is a summary of the key enhancements that we have recently made to IndiCater following user feedback.

Combo Ingredients - Recipe Manager

When creating a new combo, the system will now default to the packsize option which means you need to select the correct unit of measure, such as litres or grams. If you choose to change this to create a number of portions by unticking the packsize box, the system will now advise you that 1 portion will always be used when adding the combo to a dish. The packsize options provides much greater flexibility on the quantity of the combo added to a dish.

When adding a combo to a dish, you will now be advised that 1 portion will be added if you have chosen to make the combo as a number of portions rather than as a packszie.


Estimates - Outlet finance

A new client option has been created to help reduce user error around estimates. If the option is activated, outlet users will be prevented from making any changes to an estimate created by booking off an order in both an open and closed week. They will be able to amend manually entered estimates while the week is open and head office users will have the ability to amend an estimate created by a booked off order. If you would like to have this option activated, please raise a support ticket. There will be a small one off activation charge for this.


We are working hard behind the scenes on the new reporting module and adding modules to the API.

Details of when the new reporting module will be rolled out will be shared soon……