Version update 18th July

Below is a summary of the key functionality changes in the latest version update which are being released on the 18th July. 

As with all updates, all clients get the updated code, but enhancements are often developed with an on/off option and so might not always be visible.


Edit Categories - managing income categories in Head Office 

We have improved the functionality when editing income categories to make it a lot easier to see and change the data. Prior to this enhancement, it hasn’t been possible to see a summary of the categories across outlets in one go.
This new page enables you to see all key category information on one page, using the filters to help show the required data, and easily click through to make changes. 



Following feedback, we have added a column when manually entering wastage that will show the value of the waste added to replicate what we have at the end of each line in the stocktaking page. 


Combo dishes in the cook book

Following feedback, we have amended the cook book for a menu to show the combos at the end of the document. As these are being printed, the feedback we got was around the amount of paper being needed as a combo that was used in multiple dishes was being repeated after each of those dishes. 


New reports

The below reports have been added to the new reporting module:

Internal Sales

Invoices Awaiting Approval


Coming soon....
A brand new PO to Invoice report that will show you the journey of an order through to an invoice, giving you the breakdown of the items ordered, booked off and invoiced.


Handy Hint!

Use the View New Catalogue Items tool in the StORM Set Up page.
This is a great way to see what new items have been recently added to a catalogue and gives you the option to select multiple items and quickly add them to a stock location!