First version update of 2022

We wish all our clients a very happy New Year and a prosperous and healthy 2022!

This evening we will deploy the first version update of 2022 and there are some enhancements included which we hope will benefit you.


Clean Invoicing and requesting a credit note

Group suppliers can now be tagged as Clean Invoicing suppliers and invoicing notes can be added to the supplier record to help the user decide whether they want to request a credit note when they are booking off their order or not. This information can be entered and managed in the supplier record by head office users with the Suppliers permission.

When booking off and amending the quantity of an item in the order, the user will see these notes to help guide them in their decision making about requesting a credit.

If the supplier is tagged as a Clean Invoicing supplier the user will have the option to skip the credit note request page completely.

A clean invoicing supplier will consolidate the invoice and any request for credit, and send an invoice for the total adjusted amount rather than an invoice and separate credit note.

Example text shown


We have also updated the Credit Note Request page to make it more user friendly. Feedback suggested it was confusing to users and so we have improved the layout to the below.

To proceed without requesting a credit note, click the option in the top right hand corner, or to request a credit note complete the option at the bottom of the page.


A full user guide can be found here and don’t forget to access the Help button for page specific information by clicking on the question mark near the top left corner of the page:


Recipe Manager Locations

As more and more clients are using the Recipe Manage API module for third party integrations, there is a greater reliance on the Locations tool in Recipe Manager. We have added the ability to assign a location to a dish within the Update Dish Information area to improve the user journey.

Note the option at the bottom

Work is also underway to enable the user to assign a category of dishes to locations in one go.


Stock Transfers

For clients using the Stock Transfers functionality, we have split out the detailed transfers and transfer requests into 2 pages to help with the loading of the data. For more information, see the user guide