Version update 7th November 2023

Below is a summary of the key enhancements that will be released tonight as part of our latest version update.


Simple stocktakes

We have amended the logic for simple stocktakes to match that of detailed stocktakes which now prevents users from creating 2 stocktakes for the same department and category on the same day. Instead of entering a second you will need to amend the one already created.

A simple stocktake is one that lets you record the value of stock for a particular purchasing category but not any itemised data.


Invoices addresses

We have created an option that now enables you to pick an alternative outlet address as the invoice address to appear on your purchase orders to suppliers.

Within Edit Outlet in Head Office, you can already enter the main outlet address and additional addresses which can be selected as delivery addresses when ordering. This new functionality lets you select one of these additional outlet addresses to be used as the invoice address.

Please contact Support via a support ticket for more information on using this.


New Recipes report

The latest new report to be added to the reporting module is a Recipe report which will enable you to search for a product and see all recipes that has that product listed as an ingredient. Alternatively run the report for a supplier to find all recipes containing any product from that supplier.


The list of reports currently available in the new reporting module is below. Please note that we are continuing to develop new reports and updating versions of reports available in the old formats and we will keep adding to the below list. If you are not yet using the new reporting module, please do give it a try!


Close Period



Theoretical Margin

Internal Sales

Swipe card sales


Outstanding Estimates

Order Summary


Supplier Favourites

Invoices Awaiting Approval

PO to Invoice


Cost Transfers



Item Theoreticals

Item Variance

Line Checks


Stock Transfers



Product Purchase History


Recipe Margins