Version Update 7th August 2023

Below is a summary of the key functionality changes in the latest version update which are being released on the evening of 7th August. 

As with all updates, all clients get the updated code, but enhancements are often developed with an on/off option and so might not always be visible.

Purchasing Report

The report now defaults to show the purchase history without the OE and Est Rev.

1. the version which you get when you click on the History button should say - This report shows the transactions based on when they were entered into IndiCater

  1. the version you get without clicking it - this report shows the final invoice detail based on the invoice date.

New PO to Invoice Report

This report will show the journey of an order right through to invoice and the breakdown of the transaction along the way. Regarding the invoice it will also show how the invoice was raised eg EDI lite, EDI auto, manual entry etc.

You will be able to see all of the order details within the transaction, product detail, supplier name, quantity, price etc, same details on the book off.

This will save clients time having to click back into other reports to see transaction detail.

Recipe Manager API

Clients that license the Recipe Manager API will now be able to see Menu Hub data (if you are using Menu Hub to create menus within IndiCater)