Version update - 14th February 2023

Below is a summary of the key functionality changes in the latest version update which is being released this evening.

As with all updates, all clients get the updated code, but enhancements are often developed with an on/off option and so might not always be visible.


We are excited to release new functionality to our Menu Hub module which enables users to enter production numbers and add the required quantities to their supplier orders.

If you think this could add value to your business, whether you are new to Menu Hub or already benefitting from it, please get in touch if you would like more information about this new functionality.

Ordering made simple by using Menus

  • In your outlet select your menu

  • Click the new Production Quantities button to see the dishes in your menu and add in your production quantities

  • Click to round to the near whole packsize

  • Compare to your theoretical stock in hand (if integrated with EPOS and option activated)

  • Edit quantities as required

  • Add to basket

Production numbers for menu costing

If you're creating weekly menus in Menu Hub, add your production numbers and download the menu csv to see cost per portion and costs for the total production quantities entered

If you would like a demo, please raise a support ticket and we will contact you to arrange a demo.


Minor change to Orders page

Following feedback about the loading speed of the outlet Orders page, we have reduced the number of orders automatically loaded on the page to 5.
Users can use the date filter and search to find an order or increase the number of orders they can see once on the page.


New reports

In this version update the below reports are being added to the new reporting module:

  • Internal Sales report - this is an updated version of the old Internal Sales report, used extensively by many of our contract catering clients

  • Supplier Favourites report - this is a new report which enables you to easily check account numbers and supplier favourites across your full list of suppliers and outlets

  • Line checks - In Stocktaking reports, there is a new line checks report which uses your line checks as the closing stock to calculate your stock variances


The following are amendments to reports already available in the new module:

  • Dish Stocktaking is now available via the Stocktaking report

  • Total Stock Summary - has been added giving you a total value of all simple, detailed and dish closing stock 

  • Item Variance - a date picked has been added to enable you to choose the date range. Before this change, the report would always use the last 2 stocktakes  as the opening and closing counts

  • Purchasing report - we have renamed the option you need to select to see the data based on when the transactions were entered. This has been changed from Show original estimates and estimate reverses to Show transaction dates and history


Handy Hint!

If you need to tidy up your recipes and switch delisted products, follow these few simple steps:

  1. In Recipe Manager, tick the Dishes with de-listed items option in the search and click Search

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and run the Recipe Data csv

  3. See a list of all items in each dish and use the newly added Delisted column to easily identify the items you need to switch