Version update 23rd May 2023

We will be releasing the latest version update this evening. Please note that there is no down time required.

Below is a summary of the key updates.



We have added some new additions to the new reporting module:


Purchasing report - new summary

There is a new tab in the Purchasing report which shows the total purchases by outlet by purchasing category for the period selected.

Use the original Purchasing tab to see the transactional detail.


Stock Transfers report

We have added a new stock transfers report to the new module. This report contains different tabs to enable you to see a summary or the detail.



Users can now see the Dish Reference (EPOS PLU) when stocktaking and recording wastage by dish.


Totals have been added to the CSV download in Menu Hub showing production numbers and dish costs.



Refunds (client potion) have been separated out and are shown in their own tab



Following an issue with EDI order recently where orders were queued and not instantly sent, we have made the status more obvious. Orders with a status of Queued or Modified show a warning sign:

If you click on Queued warning, you will see the below:


As always, if the order shows as Modified, click the order number to see the breakdown of changes.