Issue with EDI orders has impacted delivery days

Please be aware that EDI orders placed on Saturday and Sunday, orders sent to Brakes, Bidfood and other integrated suppliers, have been impacted by an unexpected issue and as a result were not sent to the suppliers until 6.30pm yesterday, missing yesterday’s order cut of time.

We believe this means that orders placed for delivery today will not be delivered today.

Please check your orders. Many of the orders are showing a Modified status, which if you click on, is showing a change to the requested delivery date in the information section above the ordered items.

The order status normally shows ORDER SENT and once a response is received from the supplier, this updates to ORDER CONFIRMED or ORDER MODIFIED.

This weekend EDI orders shows ORDER QUEUED as they had failed to send automatically.

We have advised Brakes and Bidfood of the issue we experienced.


Please know that there is no longer an issue and that we are working to understand what prevented orders from being placed.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and your teams.


IndiCater Team