Version update 10th May

From tomorrow (Wednesday) you will notice that the Today pages that you land on when you log in look a little different. We have updated the code and removed the Quick Links which were left behind from the old version of IndiCater. The Quick Links are redundant now as the menu bar gets you straight into the part of the module you need.

The functionality in the rest of the page is unchanged but will be reviewed over the coming months with a view to being updated in the future.


Recipe Manager - a small but much wanted change is that you can now use the Enter key when searching for a dish in Recipe Manager. Type in your dish name or key word and hit Enter - no more reaching for the mouse!


Supplier Records - we have added a warning if you enter a duplicate account number in a supplier record. You can ignore if it is deliberate but this should hopefully help in the event of a mistake being made.


Coming soon…..

New look Stocktaking pages! We have removed some of the columns to make the data easier to read and made some amendments based on user feedback