Version update 26th January

This week we have released some useful new additions to the Recipe Manager module.


New Nutrition report and enhanced allergen report

In Recipe Manager, once you have used the search of filters at the top of the page, you will now see the options to generate an allergen report and Multi Dish PDF have changed and we have also added a nutrition option. We have also added the ability to generate the data in PDF or csv form. The Nutrition report shows both the per portion and per 100g values.



When using nutrition, you need to add the weight of an item if it cannot be calculated from the packsize, eg 1 egg. If using a combo ingredient within your dish, the weight needs to be added to that recipe and not the one using the combo. In this release we added a not to make that clearer to users.

Also in nutrition, items that haven’t been mapped to nutritional data are now highlighted making it easy to see any items that still need to be mapped.