Version update scheduled for evening of 8th June

Here is a summary of the key changes which will be released to all clients.



When ordering a split case quantity of an item, the emailed PDF purchase order now highlights the split more clearly to the supplier. This has been done following feedback from the suppliers.



The Stock Transfers Request page will now only return transfer requests from within the past 90 days rather than searching for requests in all past years as well. This has been done to speed up the loading of the data on the page. 90 days is the default but can be amended per client if required.



Clients who have suppliers uploading invoices via the csv upload tool will have noticed that the PO number was being automatically added to the invoice reference for those invoices that were automatically approved, eg PO123456/inv6789. This has now been changed to remove the PO number from the invoice reference.


Coming soon…….

The version update being released in a fortnight will include, amongst other changes, a new filter in Recipe Manager to return dishes with missing nutrition values and the addition of the dish reference to the allergen and nutrition reports.