Version update going live 22/11/23

The latest version update is being released to all clients on the evening of 23rd November and includes the below:


Purchasing budget approvals - enhancements

We have enhanced the functionality around setting an ordering budget per purchasing category. This functionality has enabled you set a weekly or monthly budget limit per outlet per purchasing category which forces orders to go for approval once the budget has been spent.

The enhancements to this functionality means you can now set multiple approvals levels per purchasing category and you also have the option to set this up per order, rather than just as a weekly or monthly budget. As with other approval levels you set the rules per outlet giving you flexibility to set different controls.

Our Requisition Levels tool has always allowed you to set up to 6 levels of approval for a purchase order but this has been a blanket rule for all orders. This new functionality means you can now set this up by purchasing category, so an order for Equipment could still be set to have multiple approvals levels whereas an order for Food could be set to have none.

If you don’t currently use approval levels and would like to know more about the options, please contact IndiCater support or your Account Manager.

New head office Compliance Report

In 2021 we add a new Compliance Dashboard to the outlets to show you the closing stock, outstanding estimates, orders not booked off etc in one place. We have been asked for a head office version and have now developed this as a new report in the new reporting module.

Found under Company reports, the new Compliance Report will show you the last week that was closed, the date and value of the last detailed stocktakes recorded and a finance snapshot which lists the quantity and value of outstanding orders which should have been booked off, outstanding estimates, outstanding credit note estimates and EDI invoices that are awaiting approval. You will also see the date of the last cash sale entry which is useful for those receiving daily sales data from their EPOS provider.



Clients with EPOS integration who are managing stock variances can now access the consumption data of an item (as seen in the Item Variance and Item Theoretical reports) in the API. Please contact Support for more information.