Version update, 14th March

Below is a summary of the key functionality changes in the latest version update which is being released later today. 

As with all updates, all clients get the updated code, but enhancements are often developed with an on/off option and so might not always be visible.

Head Office Requisitions page

Following feedback, we have amended the Head Office Requisitions page so that those users set up as Approvers will land on the Current tab to approve orders and those not set up as Approvers will land on the Approved tab.

Outlet Orders page

We are constantly working to improve existing functionality as well as provide you with new features.
As a result we have made further changes to the Orders page. This page is heavily used and we want to ensure that users aren't experiencing delays when using the page so we have restricted the data being loaded on to the page.
Users will see the last 7 days of orders and can search by date range, PO number (Ref)  and supplier (Name).

*Please note this will go live next week so that you have time to inform users if required.

(NB, not all clients have Refunds activated. User names are displayed but have been blanked out for the sharing of this image)



New Theoretical Margin report

This is a new report in the income section of the new reporting module.
The report uses data between 2 stocktakes to compare your theoretical GP, using the epos sales data and your recipes, to the actual GP which uses your actual cost of goods.

More information about the calculations used within the report can be found here.

New Wastage report

We've added a new wastage report to the new reporting modules. There are currently 3 tabs to give you options when looking at your data.

  • Summary by reason - use this tab to see the value of the wastage per reason across the sites selected

  • Product - see the itemised wastage of catalogue items recorded in the Wastage module

Dish - use this tab to see the value of the dish wastage. Dish wastage can be entered in IndiCater or transferred from your epos provider with the sales

Purchasing report

Local cash purchases have now been added to the new purchasing report


Handy Hint!

If you want to restrict the purchase of items in your supplier catalogue, consider tagging items as Substitutes. Items tagged as substitutes are hidden on the ordering page. They can be found if wanting to add them to an order when booking off, ie if you have received them as a substitute for an ordered item, and they can be counted in a stock take. To use this, follow the below steps:

  1. In Head Office, Recipe Manager, go to Records

  2. Find the item you want to limit

  3. Click on the item and tick the Substitute box