Version update being deployed tonight, 24/01/23

Please read below to see a summary of changes being made tonight.


Stocktaking prompt for epos clients

For those with epos integration, users will now see a prompt when doing a stocktake to advise them if they have orders which should be booked off. This has been done to help with the accuracy of the variance and theoretical reports.

For example, you receive an order of 100 bottles on Friday and don’t book the order off. You then count the stock on Sunday, including the 100 bottles. Your variance report will show you are 100 bottles up as the purchase hasn’t been included as it’s not booked off. If you then book the order off after the stocktake, the variance the following week will show you are 100 bottles down as you are now including the purchase of 100 bottles.


Line checks

We have added new line check functionality to the new version of stocktaking.

This enables users to create a stock location tagged as line check and use it to record a line check. This is similar to a stock take but the value is not counted as opening or closing stock in the trading report.

The next stage of this development is the addition of a line check option in the new variance report which we are now working on.

If you are interested in line checks, please contact IndiCater support to arrange a call to discuss whether this is suitable for your business. There are some client specific tools which need to be assessed before this can be made available, for example if you have a closing stock export.