03/08/22 - version update scheduled for 8pm today

In the version update scheduled for this evening, we will release the below enhancements:


Recipe Manager

  1. A new ‘Recipe Data’ download at the bottom of the Recipe Manager Dishes search page. This is an easy way to see what products have been added to the dishes and whether they have weights missing which is required for Natasha’s Law compliance to ensure ingredients are shows in weight descending order.

2. Handling of May Contain and missing allergen data. As per our fact sheet called ‘Dealing with May Contains and missing allergen information’ which we shared 2 weeks ago, we have made some changes to what is displayed when we have a dish contains products with missing allergen data. We recommend you review this fact sheet.

a. There is a new category for missing allergen data at the top of the Dish page where we display a summary of allergen info

b. the label maker tool will prevent allergens being selected to be added to a label if there is data missing

c. a new status has been added to the Recipe Manager API module



We are continuing to add modules to our API and have recently added purchase invoice estimates, stock transfers and stock takes. If you are interested in having access to any of the API modules, please contact us for a quote.