Free Text Supplier Ordering


This is a guide that explains the process, of how to use Free Text Supplier. This creates a PO for products or services for a supplier that does not have a catalogue.


Catalogues not available for Supplier.

Where to find this

StORM > Requisitions > Add > Free Text order stock location

Step-by-Step guide

Navigate to the Requisitions dashboard, and select +Add to create a new Purchase Order:

Select 'Free Text Order Stock Location' from the Stock Location picklist. It will always be at the bottom of the list:

Select the Supplier, and Category for each line item being ordered - Enter the Stock Item, Code, and Price as per supplier information, then enter Quantity required.

To add a new line, click the Green + option:

Once you have added all items, click Add Items to add to the requisition basket - then click Review Requisitions:

At this Stage, you will need to selec the department the goods are for, check the Delivery date, and add any comment where required - when you are done, select Confirm:

Your Purchase Order will appear with other orders in the Requisition Dashboard:

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next?

Your order will be sent to supplier or for approval, if client option set up

How can I add a new supplier for Free text Orders?

This will need to be done by a Gatekeeper.

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