Creating a Supplier Order


This guide explains the process to create an Order


You will have already set up your stock order sheets and stock locations, been allocated suppliers and been allocated permission to use this tool by your Gatekeeper, if not see Related Guides

There is at least one department and purchasing category set up in the outlet.

Where to find this.

StORM > Orders

Step-by-step guide

Navigate to the Orders Dashboard, 

Once you have clicked on the add button to create a new order, select a Stock location or supplier order sheet template from the  drop down; all the available products on that list will then be displayed.

Enter the quantity for each product and select + next to each item to add one item at time, or press "add all items" at the bottom of the page to add all the items you have selected on the list at once. You can change the Stock location or supplier at any item and all items will remain in requisition as long as you have added the items. The requisitions will be split out by each supplier. 

To review your order select "Review Requisition" at the top of the page. You will now be able, to amend or confirm the requisition by supplier. You can amend the quantity by clicking the number in the Qty column, which will bring up a pop up box, enter the new quantity and press save. 

You can now confirm each requisition individually, by selecting "confirm" or for all requisitions, by selecting the"confirm all". A pop up will appear asking you "Are you sure you wish to submit this requisitionr request?" select OK.  Your requisition will now be ready to create a purchase order, unless there is an approval required, based on your company rules. If this is the case your order will remain in "Current" orders until the requisition is approved, you will receive an email alerting you, that it has been approved. 

Other Tools ( Availability will be subject to your specific company policy)

Split Cases: If a supplier has specified that a ‘split case’ option for a product is available then you will see two options in the case size column – you can then select the option you wish and the correct price will be populated in the requisition.

Access to Full Supplier List: If available and you need to add an item to one of your stock sheets, select the "Add Stock Sheet Items" link next to the stock location drop down and either search for a product or select from the categories within your supplier by selecting the product to add it to the stock sheet .  Once you have added all required products, select the "Back" button at the top right of the screen to return to your order. 

This item will then be permanently added to your order sheet template.

At any point you are able to navigate away from order, and any items that you have added will remain on the system until they are either confirmed or removed.

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