Booking Off late invoice date


Booking Off is the process when the user confirms that the items received from the supplier match against the order placed, this process creates an estimate or an invoice in the Finance Module. It may also be referred to as good receipting.


  • That an order has been placed and received.
  • That there is a Purchase Order
  • The client has the Book Off and Convert to Invoice option activated.
  • The Gatekeeper has set the required option on amending the delivery quantities and value amounts: there are two options on how to book off and each outlet will have a set mode to book off.
  • The client has the late invoice date option activated.

Where to find this

Outlet: StORM > Requisitions

Step-by-step guide

Navigate to the Requisitions Dashboard:

Click on Orders Outstanding  > Select the order for Booking Off

Check the delivered items against the ordered items, amend any orders if there are differences by changing the quantity and provide reason from the dropdown menu.

Some clients have an option activated to amend the unit price. If you are using this, make any necessary amendments

You will see 2 options: Book Off / Book Off and convert to invoice

If you have received an invoice, select the Book off and convert to invoice option.

The date will default to today's date. You can amend this to the date used by the supplier in the invoice. This can be a date in a previous week or year

Add the invoice number in the Invoice Ref field - Tick if the order is subject to VAT and enter the VAT amount - The Gross amount will auto-correct

Where a supplier is charging multiple VAT amounts on an one Invoice, there is an option to select the different vat rate by clicking on the +, keying in the amount and selecting the rate 

Click update order

This will create an invoice in the finance module with the correct invoice date

If you have amended the quantity of any products in the order you will be given the option to request a credit note from your supplier. Follow the instructions in red on the screen to determine whether you request the credit note or proceed without requesting one