Suggested Orders


This guide explains how to create a suggested supplier order based on comparing the difference between the maximum stock level set per product and the most recent closing stock value for the same product.

Assumptions and Restrictions

The online ordering module has been licensed

A closing stock quantity has been recorded for each product

The Required Stock Levels for each product have been setup.

This functionality can only be found in outlet mode.


Set Up

Select Outlet>Stocktaking>Products to view a list of all products and then enter in the required Maximum Stock Level in the Stock Level column for each product

NOTE:  the user can use the search tool to find a product

Viewing the Suggested Orders report

Select Outlet>Stocktaking>Requisitions>Suggested  Orders and select the desired Stock Location to view/change any figure in the Suggested Order column before selecting ADD ITEMS.

This will create a requisition for these products.

NOTE: For each product the Suggested Order quantity will be the difference the Maximum Stock Level quantity and the most recent Closing Stock quantity for each product



Alternative Options

For clients with an epos integration a bespoke Suggested Orders report based on stock depletion relating to each sale can be quoted for

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