Ordering a Split Case


This guide explains how to order a split case


You will have already set up your stock order sheets and stock locations, been allocated suppliers and been allocated permission to use this tool by your Gatekeeper, if not see Related Guides

Where to find this

StORM > Orders

Step-by-step guide

Go to the Orders page a click the Add button

Once you have clicked on the Add button to create a new order, select a Stock location from the  drop down; all the available products on that list will then be displayed.

The highlighted items like the chopped tomatoes in the above example can be ordered as a split case.

To select the split case, click on the Case Size to see the other size option.

If you want to order the individual quantity click the 2nd size in the list and notice the unit price changes

Enter the quantity required and continue as normal.

The PO received by the supplier will show the correct quantity and indicate a split case has been ordered