Cancelled Purchase Orders


This guide explains what to do if you have created a purchase order and sent it to the supplier but not received the products


That the order was sent but none of the goods were received

Where to find this

Click StORM > Requisitions

Step-by-Step guide

Navigate to the Requisitions dashboard, and click on Orders Outstanding:

Click on the relevant order to view the order breakdown:

Change the quantities to zero and choose the most suitable reason for example 'Not Received'.

NOTE: The net value for each line and the order total will change to zero - Click Update Order:

If you have not received an invoice from supplier, click Finish Book Off.  If you have received the Invoice from the supplier select to Book Off and Convert to Invoice.

Enter the Invoice Reference and Invoice date, then select Update Order:

When you update an order to 0 this creates a 0 value estimate in Finance Module

To remove this estimate from your list of outstanding estimates, click on the Combine/Reverse button.

This will open a new box to enable you to select the estimate and action the reversal. Following this process enables you to keep a full trail of the order.

See related guide  Combining Purchase Estimates

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