Quick ordering option - add items to your stock location as you order


This is a guide to how to quickly start ordering without the need for lots of set up


Your catalogues have been uploaded

Where to find this

Outlet, StORM, Set Up

Step-by-Step guide

  1. In StORM, Setup, select your department and click Continue

  2. Click Add Location on the right of the screen

  3. Name your stock location and tick For Stock Ordering

  4. Click Save on the right

  5. Select your purchasing category from the drop down list

  6. The set up is now complete

  7. To order, go to StORM, Requisitions

  8. Click Add

  9. Select your stock location

  10. Click Add Stock Sheet Items 

  11. Use the Find field on the right to search for an item

  12. Once found, click on the plus sign in the product 

  13. Click Back at the top of the page

  14. See that the item is now in your basket list ready to order
  15. Continue this way to add your items