Creating and sending a PO


Purchase orders are created in the Requisitions part of StORM. 


You have created your stock locations

Where to find this

In the outlet, StoRM, Requisitions

Step-by-Step guide

Navigate to Requisitions, Click on +Add - If you are using a mobile device, you can tick the Mobile option, and then Add

Select your required Stock Location

Add the required quantities and either use the plus signs next to the quantity boxes or click Add Items are the bottom of the list - you can also use the Search field to find items in your list

Some suppliers might allow you to buy a split case. If so, the Case Size field will contain a drop down box. Select the required size before adding the required quantity

Use 'Add Stock Sheet Items' to add a catalogue item not saved in your Stock Location:

New items will appear at the bottom of the lost and allow you to order:

Once you have added your items, click Review Requisitions, Items will automatically split out into the different suppliers

  • To add additional items at this stage, click Add Requisition Products as per the 'Add Stock Sheet Items' above
  • You are required to select a delivery date for each supplier order. The delivery dates available are based on the rules in the supplier record set up.
  • Tick the Add Comment box to add a comment to appear on the email sent to the supplier
  • Tick the On Hold button if you want to proceed with creating the purchase order without sending the order to the supplier
  • To confirm the order, you can either click Confirm after each supplier, or Confirm All to send all orders to all suppliers. 

Once Confirm has been selected, you will be returned to the Requisition dashboard to view the status of your orders. If you have selected to hold the order, you can release it and send it at a later stage. This option is most used if you had have to place a telesales order but need to give the supplier a PO number