Ordering non catalogue items from a catalogue supplier


This is a rule that can be activated per supplier in the Head Office Supplier record

This rule lets you add a non catalogue item, such as a daily special, to an order you are placing with a catalogue supplier.

This tool isn't available for suppliers with integrated orders.

You need to have at least one catalogue item in your order to be able to add a non catalogue item.


The rule has been turned on for the supplier

The supplier has uploaded a catalogue

You can also place non catalogue orders for suppliers who haven't uploaded catalogues, this isn't affected by this rule.

Where to find this

Set up : Head Office > Purchasing > Suppliers 

Outlet : StORM > Review Requisitions 

Step-by-Step guide

In Outlet mode, Navigate to StORM > Requisitions

Complete order as per Creating a Supplier Order. Select +Add and select a Stock Location, Add items to your requisition by entering a quantity, Click on Review Requisitions at the top of the page:

Click 'Add non catalogue item' and complete the following information. Enter the details, selecting the correct purchasing category, and click the 'Add Non Catalogue Item' to continue:


Continue placing your order as normal - you will see the new product added to the requisition:

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