Requesting a Credit Note


This is a guide that explains the process of how to request a credit note.


PO raised, delivery received and item missing or damaged. Supplier issues credit notes

Where to find this

Outlet: StORM > Requisitions > Orders Outstanding

Step-by-Step guide

Navigate to the Requisitions dashboard, and select Orders Outstanding:

Select the required order from the list provided:

The order breakdown will be displayed for the purchase order:

Enter any amendments by amending the Qty and adding a reason from the picklist, then select Update Order:

On the Credit Note Request you can either FInish the book off without processing a credit note request if the supplier will provide an invoice to match the actual items received:

If the supplier has provided an invoice for the total amount, and requires a credit note to be produced - key in notes regarding the credit request, then select Process Credit Note Request:

Frequently Asked Questions

If the supplier has not delivered the whole order and is going to deliver the remaining items at a later date, an wants to use the same PO number, what do I do?

Please refer to the user guide Creating a Back Order

What happens with the finance of this Purchase Order?

The request for credit, creates an estimate against  the Purchase Order and Once the Credit note is received you can book off in the same way as an invoice.

What happens if the supplier denies the request for Credit?

You will have to book off the credit note as £0.00 to reverse the estimate.

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