Creating a PO using Hold Order


There are occasions when it might be useful to be able to create a PO number in IndiCater without sending it to the supplier, this could be for an order already placed using telesales or for a future order that you don't want sent to the supplier.

This guide explains the simple process involved


You are using e-procurement

Where to find this

Outlet: StoRM > Requisitions

Step-by-Step guide

Navigate to Requisitions, click on Add

Add your items as you would for a normal order, Once you have added all items to the Requisitions basket, Click 'Review Requisitions':

On this page there is an option called On Hold in the bottom right corner. By clicking this, you can create an order and it won't automatically be sent to the supplier. 

Tick the Hold Order box and then select Confirm, adding a comment if you want to. If you know you will want to send this PO at some point, select the correct delivery date

The order will show in Requisitions with Release instead of the Email PO option

If your order requires approval, it will be displayed with the Release flag like above once approved
This order has not been sent to the supplier but can still be booked off in Orders Outstanding. If your supplier is using EDI Lite, the order will be visible to the supplier in the portal

Sending this order

If you do want to send this order, click Release to remove the current held status, you will be prompted to confirm you want to release it:

The PO Details will then change to Send PO for integrated suppliers:

or Email PO for all other suppliers

To send this PO, click on the option you see (send or email PO). This will continue to send the PO as any other PO would be sent