Using Refunds


Refunds can be used to send a PDF refund request to a supplier in the same way a purchase order can.


Item booked off before refund was required

Where to find this

In outlets, StORM, Requisitions

Step-by-Step guide

Once on the requisitions page, click on the Refund option 

This will show you a list of all previous refunds. To create a new one, click Add

Select your stock location to pul through the items for refunding:

Click on the line item you wish to refund, and add the quantities you are refunding:

Once you have added all items, scroll to the bottom of the page, click Add Items, and then Click Review Refunds to see the items you have added to your refund:

As with creating a requisition, you can add comments, choose to hold the refund (ie not send it to the supplier) or you can confirm to proceed

Once confirmed, your refund will be emailed to your supplier and will automatically be converted into an estimate as an outstanding credit note

The refund is now ready to be converted into a credit note in the usual way, either manually or by an electonic invoice from your supplier