Managing substitutions


Within IndiCater you can manage those products you may have in your supplier catalogue which can be accepted as substitutions but shouldn't be ordered.

This can only be done if those items have been added to your catalogue by your supplier.

Once an item has been tagged as a substitute, it's not visible to order when creating a purchase order but it can be added to an order during the booking off process and it is also available to record stock of when stocktaking.

Where to find this

This can be managed in Head Office, Recipe Manager, Records

Step-by-Step guide

1. In Records, search for the product by name or product code or use the filters to search by supplier product list.

2. Click on product in red

3. Tick the Substitute box at the bottom of the page and click Submit

4. This item is now set up as a substitute.

5. The item can be added to a stock location

6. But not be seen when ordering

7. The item can be added to the item during the booking off process by using the Add button