IndiCater Key Tasks Schedule for Gatekeepers

Updated 200823

This schedule lists some of the key tasks which needs to be considered and undertaken by clients to ensure compliant use of the IndiCater application.

The IndiCater Client (sometimes split between a senior client and a day to day client) 

  • Receiving urgent system alert messages (attached form enables multiple names) 
  • Authorising agreed change requests 
  • Updating the IndiCater Ways of Working document (that clients normally incorporate into their company policies and procedures manual) 
  • Keeping up to date with IndiCater product enhancement news 
  • Engaging with the IndiCater client account manager  
  • Signing off any agreed custom development requirements 


 Finance Gatekeeper 

  • Verifying purchase invoice exports and communicating any queries on the resultant exports 
  • Requesting any changes to the export API 
  • Viewing period end reports and submitting any queries on data picked up in the reports 
  • Changes to set up of nominal codes, cost centres, purchase categories, sales categories, new outlets, archiving outlets, area/region or brands or outlet department changes 
  • Creating new year end dates and reporting periods in before the end of each year 
  • Creating/changing any period end check questions 
  • Liaising with suppliers for any invoice queries  
  • Co-ordinate the processing of year end by the outlets 


Purchasing Gatekeeper  

  • Approving catalogue updates 
  • Liaising with suppliers if catalogues do not contain desired products and prices 
  • Creating new supplier records (essential that a support ticket is created to request mapping) 
  • Maintaining the correct supplier set up in each supplier record including any changes to delivery days, account numbers, order cut off times, order lead in times, depot designation, supplier order email (non-integrated suppliers) 
  • Directing any product queries to the supplier 
  • Any changes to purchase categories and supplier favourites for each outlet 
  • Changes to centrally managed stock sheet templates and outlet assigning (if used) 
  • Managing requisition approval levels (if used)  
  • Managing requisition budget levels (if used) 
  • Onboarding additional/new supplies (liaising with suppliers/training new suppliers for uploading catalogues, receiving orders, sending ASN’s and Invoices) 
  • Liaising with suppliers with any delivery issues 
  • Liaising with IndiCater regarding any changes to allergen data requirements 
  • Actioning any EDI invoices which are flagged 


Operations Gatekeeper 

  • Ensuring compliance of use of application by outlet users 
  • Receiving and responding to outlet user application queries 
  • Ensuring requisitions are approved in a timely manner 


User Access Gatekeeper 

  • Creating, updating, and archiving user profiles 
  • Managing Job Roles with permissions and assigning Job Roles to users 
  • Updating multi outlet access to outlet users requiring this 
  • Changing username emails when necessary 


IT Gatekeeper 

  • Any queries relating to security and integrations 


Recipe Manager Gatekeeper 

  • Liaising with IndiCater regarding any additional allergen data requirements 
  • Liaising with IndiCater regarding any additional nutrition data requirements, for example collection of nutrition data from a new supplier 
  • Liaising with the User Access gatekeeper regarding the allocation of permissions to determine who can edit vs read recipes 
  • Overseeing the creation of menus 
  • Updating of recipes due to supplier/product changes 
  • Ensuring allergen data is correct 


Supplier Tasks 

  • Uploading updated catalogues with latest complete Approved Products List and Prices to the schedule that you have instructed them to (the IndiCater system automatically identifies any discontinued products by comparing the latest catalogue with the most recent previous one) 
  • Communicating to you any delivery set up changes 
  • Checking they have received expected orders (accessing IndiCater portal to view and download orders if they wish) 
  • Creating and transmitting EDI ASN’s or EDI Lite ASN’s (if you have instructed the supplier) 
  • Creating and transmitting EDI or EDI Lite invoices (if you have instructed the supplier) 
  • Proving credit notes where appropriate 


Outlet User Routine Tasks 

  • Creating orders and submitting them to suppliers 
  • Booking off all orders on delivery and request credit notes when appropriate 
  • Ensuring suppliers submit credit notes  
  • Querying order and delivery issues (to supplier or purchasing gatekeeper?) 
  • Product queries (to supplier or purchasing gatekeeper?) 
  • Checking and approving EDI invoice exceptions 
  • Close Period at end of each week and end of each month 
  • Processing year end (within maximum of 4 weeks after year end) 
  • Changing their password if forgotten or at any direction by the client 


IndiCater Support Desk 

  • Creating new supplier access credentials and transmitting these to the supplier 
  • Mapping new supplierto the IndiCater Supplier Portal 
  • Support for integrated suppliers 
  • Answering support queries