How to use the Portal csv Invoice Upload File

Some suppliers have access to upload a csv of invoices into the Portal 

This is not commonly used functionality and is not available as standard. 

If you have suppliers using the invoice upload, there are some notifications available.

Supplier notification - in the supplier record, ensure you add an email address for the EDI Contact in the Additional Contact section and tick the Primary Contact box. This will ensure the supplier is alerting to any invoices that fail, eg because they are duplicates.

Client notification - in Outlet, Set Up go to Manage Company Email Addresses in the Company section. Add an email for both Successful upload of invoice import and Invoice upload failure notification address types. If you don't have these as options, please raise a support ticket to request them.

Please be advised that we do not validate in the upload as it is the supplier's data. If they therefore enter an invoice with a unit price of 10, a qty of 8 and a total of 70 instead of 80, this will be accepted

Please note: if using the csv upload, it is imperative that the data is sorted by Purchase order number and then by invoice reference. Only one invoice can be uploaded per order number so if you need to enter multiple invoices against an order you will need to make the subsequent PO numbers unique. For example if you have 3 invoices for PO IND12345, please enter the 1st one against IND12345, the 2nd against IND12345-1 and the 3rd against IND12345-2

After a file is uploaded, a notification email with the details as to what could be processed and what could not is sent to the client and supplier email addresses set up in the application to receive these emails. It is essential that both the client and the supplier checks these emails to be able to take action regarding invoices that could not be processed into IndiCater.