EDI Actions Required


If you are using the e-procurement module, you may have some suppliers who are integrated with IndiCater and who send us electronic invoices/credit notes.

Processing these invoices/credit notes relies on specific data being in the application and sometimes on it being unique across outlets. 

The EDI Actions page shows you any invoices or credit notes we have been unable to process due to missing account numbers or duplications.

Where to find this

This tool is in Head Office, Finance, Transactions. Look for the button in the top right hand corner. The number will show you how many actions you have to complete.

Please note that this page is permission driven and so the user needs to have the Transactions permission.

Step-by-Step guide

To access the transactions which need actioning, click on the button in the corner.

There are a number of different reasons that a transaction might need an action.


1.The first is where an EDI invoice has been received by us but can't be processed as we can't find a matching account number. 

In this scenario, you will need to log in to the supplier record, into the Delivery Days set up and add the missing account number. Once done, you can click Re-process in the EDI Actions page

If you don't need the transaction, you can click Archive.


2. The second type of transaction needing attention is headed Manual Invoice Collision

This is where we can't locate the estimate as it has either been converted manually into an invoice or it has been reversed.



With these invoices, you should ideally want to process the EDI invoices as this is data sent from the supplier. If you chose to, you can delete the manually entered invoice and then click to re-process the EDI invoice.

If you decide you will use the manually entered invoice and therefore don't require the EDI invoice, you can click to Archive it.

If you want to look up the order number to if there is an existing invoice or whether it has been reversed, you can look for it in the outlet or back in the Finance, Transactions page.

If you find that there isn't an invoice and that the estimate has been reversed, you will need to contact IndiCater Support.

3. The third type of transaction is where an EDI invoice has already been processed for the order. 

The invoice will either be in this section because the supplier has sent 2 different invoices for the same PO number or because they have sent the same invoice more than once.

You will need to look up the existing invoices to determine if it's a duplicate or a second invoice that you need.

If it's a second invoice that you need, you can add a new, slightly amended, PO number in the Order Reference field provided (see image below) and click Re-process, eg BLU170657-1 or BLU170657a

If it's a duplicate you can archive the invoice.