EDI Actions Required


If you are using the e-procurement module, you may have some suppliers who are integrated with IndiCater and who send us electronic invoices/credit notes.

Processing these invoices/credit notes relies on specific data being in the application and sometimes on it being unique across outlets. 

The EDI Actions Required tool shows you any invoices or credit notes we have been unable to process due to data missing from your IndiCater application, for example the invoice is for an account number which hasn't been set up in IndiCater. In this dashboard, we advise why the invoice/credit note can't be processed and explain the course of action,. giving you the opportunity to correct the data and re-process the invoice/credit note.

Where to find this

This tool is in Head Office, Finance, Transactions

Please note that this page is permission driven and so the user needs to have the Transactions permission.

Step-by-Step guide

The EDI Actions Required dashboard is the second section on the Transactions page.