Par Stock and Suggested Orders

Clients wanting to enter an outlet specific par stock and see suggested order quantities when ordering can use our Suggested Ordering tool.


  1. Users will need to enter outlet specific par stock quantities in the outlet, Storm, Products page, searching for products using the search bar.

  2. Once stock levels have been added users can use the Suggested Orders option in the Orders page

  1. The Suggested orders page will show the required stock level entered, the theoretical stock and the suggested order quantity. The theoretical stock when ordering option will need to be activated and is calculated using the last stock take and the purchases, epos sales linked to recipes, wastage and transfers since the last stocktake.

  2. The suggested order quantity can be edited before being added to the basket.

This option will required the Suggested Orders functionality to be activated in the Orders page.

Alternative method

An alternative solution enables you to see the suggested quantity when stocktaking.

You would still enter the required stock levels in the outlet as above but will have an additional option to click Suggested Orders when stocktaking.

Having completed your stocktake you can compare the stock in hand with the par level and add the required quantity to your order. This uses the actual stock instead of the theoretical stock.

You can also use this tool to create an internal stock transfer request if you have central stores.

This option will need to be activated.