Creating & Assigning Stock Sheet Template


This is a guide that explains the process, of how to create a Stock sheet template and to assign to Outlets


Catalogues have been uploaded- Head office set up

Purchasing categories set up against required Outlets

Where to find this

Head Office > Outlets > Set up > Manage Stock Sheet Templates

Step-by-Step guide

Navigate to the Purchasing section under Outlets > Setup, then select Manage Stock Sheet Templates:

Select +Add to add a new stock location:

Key in the Required name, then select Add Location:

Once Added, you can then Select View Items to add / amend stock lines:

At this point, you are ready to add stock items to the Stock sheet - Select the Supplier from the drop down, and then use the Categories to display items. Or you can use the 'Find Product Supplier' option to search for items:

Continue to add all the required items to the stocksheet, items added will then appear on the right under the heading 'Stock Location Cafe - Dry Stores':

If you need to delete an item from the stocksheet, simply click in the 'X' against the item you wish to remove:

Select Yes to the pop up prompt:

When you have added all the required items to the Stock sheet, select 'Proceed to Apply Template':

add a tick to each location you wish to add the stocksheet to, then select the Purchasing Category:

With all options complete, click on 'Apply Template'

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for a product?

Enter product name into Find or product by filter, all available products with that name will appear from all suppliers.

How do I rename a stock location?

Click on the template name, edit the name and select update location.

How do I delete a stock location template?

You can delete a template by selecting the cross next to the template name.

How do I add new products to existing stock locations?

You can add new products, following steps 3 and 4 and assigning to location.

How do I delete an item from a stock location template?

You can delete a product from a template and if assigning to a new location the deleted item will not appear on the stock location, if the   template has already been assigned to an outlet, the product will need to be removed within the outlet setup.

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