Setting up Multiple Requisition Baskets - Head Office task


This functionality enables multiple users in the same outlet to create their own requisitions simultaneously without impacting each other.


You are using Requisitions as a sub module in StORM.

You have the Head Office permission to Outlets, Set Up.

Where to find this

In Head Office > Outlets > Set Up > Manage Requisition Baskets in the Purchasing section

Step-by-Step guide

  1. Click on Manage Requisition Baskets under the Purchasing section 

  2. You can pick and choose the outlets that need to have multiple baskets. You can see on this page how many baskets each outlet has. A zero means that they are set up in the normal way without any specific baskets

  3. Click on the outlet you wish to set baskets up for

  4. Click Add Requisition Baskets

  5. Give your basket a name and a code. The name will be visible to the users in the outlet and the code will be shown on the picking list if this is a report you are using (not used by all clients). Our recommendation is that the code is an easily recognisable abbreviation, eg basket name: Pastry, Code: Past

  6. You can always edit a basket name but if you want to change the code, you will need to archive the basket and create a new one. This is to ensure data on past picking lists and other reports is not amended retrospectively

  7. You can create up to 20 baskets in each outlet and you can create baskets for just one of your outlets, or some or all

  8. To edit or archive a basket, simply click on it

  9. You are not able to archive a basket if someone is using it which is why you can see the column Baskets in Use

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