Managing Years and Reporting periods

Managing Years and Reporting periods


Head Office users can add Client Years and Reporting periods.


The head office user needs to have the Outlets Set Up permission.

7. Where to find this

Head Office > Outlets > Set Up

Step-by-Step guide

  1. From the Outlets Set Up page, click on Manage Years and Reporting Periods under the Company section of options

2. Click Add New Financial Year

3. Enter a Year Name, it is common to use the year, eg 2024 or 2023/2024

4. The year start date will be set to the day after the end of the previous year and therefore can't be changed

5. Pick your required year end date using the drop down. Please note that a year always needs to be an exact number of weeks and the start day of the week is set in the database (based on the date decided on when you started to use IndiCater)

6. The number of weeks will be automatically counted

7. When ready, click Add

Once the year has been added, you can choose to add Reporting Periods if you use a 4 4 5 periods or similar. These will be available as reporting periods in the reports throughout IndiCater

1.To add Periods in year, select the year in the Year drop down and enter the number or reporting periods you need, eg 12

2. Select Get periods

You will now have a list of periods in the year.

3. In the blank box next to the period number, enter the number of weeks you require in the period

4. When complete, click Process Reporting Periods at the bottom of the page