Requesting a credit note - new

In StORM, Orders, click on Orders Outstanding page and select the relevant order.

Having amended a quantity when booking off your order, you will see any invoicing notes that have been entered by your head office for that specific supplier in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

A supplier might be tagged as a Clean Invoicing supplier, meaning they typically send an amended invoice rather than an invoice and separate credit note. Click on the i icon to see an explanation.


If the supplier is a clean invoicing supplier, you will be given the option to skip the credit note request screen once you click Update Order. To skip and book off the order without requesting a credit note, click the red option. To proceed to the credit note request page, click the grey option.

The option is not available for suppliers not tagged as Clean Invoicing. For those suppliers, you will be taken to the credit note request page.


Once on the Credit Note Request page you can still choose to complete the task without request a credit by clicking the white option in the top right hand corner. To request a credit note, enter any notes you wish to add to the box and click the red option at the bottom of the page.

If you have multiple items, tick and untick the blue boxes on the right to select the items you want to include in your request for credit.