Version update scheduled for 8pm tonight, 19th July

Below is a summary of some of the key changes in the version update being released at 8pm tonight.



On the Head Office, Finance, Transactions page, we have moved the EDI Actions out of the main page and they can now be accessed using the specific EDI Action button on the Transactions page.

We have added in the option for you to Archive an invoice yourself. Previously there was no way for you to remove an invoice from this list, for example if it had been entered manually and so the EDI version was not required to be re-processed, and it was something we needed to do for you. If you archive an invoice you will not be given a further option to re-process it.

We have added additional options for you to see EDI invoices where a manual invoice with the same number has already been entered and multiple invoices that have been received for the same PO number.


Outlet Set Up

We have added a column in the Edit Outlet page to show you the year each outlet is currently in, a really useful tool when processing year end in your outlets.